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The Crow

Carco Theater Mural

Day 04 Digital

Dark Souls

This painting is a mixed media piece. Oils, color pencils, airbrush and acrylic washes. It measures 20x30 inches. I hired a model for this piece and we shoot the reference photos in my garage.


Well, she is done. It took a while but I'm back on the bicycle and painting again. I started this painting 3 years ago, penciled it out and promptly forgot about it. Life just got in the way.

This canvas came back into my life recently and I've decided to take painting up again but this time in a different way. Instead of going my tradition route with oil paints, color pencil, airbrush and acrylic washes, I tried something new.

Most of this painting is done with Copic markers and Copic ink. Markers straight on canvas was a delight. I've never done it before and this technique brought me back to the days of doing marker comps at the Art Institute of Seattle. One of the really nice things about markers on canvas is the fact that you can almost pull all of the marker color back off of the canvas with a colorless blender. Copic refill ink and a heat gun created the inky wing patterns along with some airbrushing to smooth areas out.

My only complaint about this painting is that I couldn't get the detail I normally like cause it's on canvas. The texture of canvas totally irks me. So the next painting will be on Gesso'd illustration board.


2020 is here and I wanted to start the year with some art. I started playing around on New Years eve, just sketching random stuff. I did a silhouette of this guy without his meat wings and I liked the pose so I kept digging into it. There wasn't any direction and I wanted to see where this would go. I reached the point where the background was in and the figure was mostly rendered but it felt like it was missing something. Started throwing some lines down, kinda wing like but didn't want to go with the standard leathery dragon like wings. So I made them SUPER fleshy.


Thank you to Steph for allowing me to paint her into this piece. This piece was done in Procreate and is 30x18 inches.

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