Owls in Renton!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

All around awesome person and good friend, Meena Merchant, asked if I would help her out with a community project for Renton. Meena wants to add different kinds of art, all owl themed, to the city. I love the idea of adding art to a city for all to see. I think it stems from my graffiti days but this is a way to do it legally.

Our first project was the owl panels. Five 2'x4' plywood panels painted white and I transferred my drawings onto them. Basically we made a huge coloring book. These panels were then brought to a Renton event and the public was free to paint in what ever they wanted. The end result, these came out fucking awesome! I had no expectations, well... actually, I had low expectations BUT I was proven wrong. The people that contributed to these pieces did an excellent job.

#OwlProject #CityOfRenton #CommunityArt

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